Helios 3030

The HELIOS 3030-XX range of testers allows for a rapid classification of CPV cells, receivers, and components. The 3030 has been developed specifically for high-speed high-concentration characterization of III-V multi-junction solar cells, and allows for a variable irradiance of between 10 and 100 W/cm2 (equivalent to 1000X at Standard Test Conditions). At the same time, the 3030-XX can be used for measurement of conventional silicon cells.

The HELIOS 3030-XX range of solar simulators can be configured on request to support the measurement of the following CPV and PV components:

  • Cell-On-Carrier (CoC): Composed of a high-concentration solar cell pre-mounted on a substrate with connectors and bypass diode.
  • CPV Receiver: Composed of a CoC already integrated with a secondary optical element (SOE) and possibly heat dissipation elements.
  • Mono-modules: Composed of a CPV receiver pre-mounted to the primary optics to form a single unit, if your manufacturing strategy includes such a sub-assembly.
  • Conventional Silicon Solar cells: At low concentration or normal solar irradiance.

Depending on the measurement format, custom optics will be included. The Helios 3030-XX is designed not only for laboratory use, but for high-speed automatic testing, and is capable of measuring and classifying multiple cells in a single high-speed flash pulse.

SAV provides custom engineering services and can provide a test solution that meets customer needs and is integrated with their production line.