About Us

Solar Added Value is a technological company focusing its activities in the solar energy sector, and in the main in the Concentrated Photovoltaic Sector (CPV).

Our team is made up of technical professionals, in the main engineers, and we a reference company in the Solar Sector. In addition we are experts at developing research projects for the application of innovating products and solutions within photovoltaic.


The career path of our engineers within the solar energy sector goes back to before 2005, when, due to the significant growth of the photovoltaic market, important R+D projects regarding solar technology began development, not only in Europe but also in other geographical regions.

The participation of our staff on these projects, together with the international commercial experience obtained, led to the creation of Solar Added Value S.L (SAV) as a company focused on the generation of innovative products and services with a large growth potential within this and other related sectors worldwide.

Since the outset, our technical capacity has been valued not only by private companies but also by important technological centres and universities. Furthermore, our previously acquired international experience has allowed for significant commercial relations within entities elsewhere in Europe and in countries such as the USA, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.