Mission, Vision and Values


To drive and generate  technological innovation in the photovoltaic solar energy sector by creating products and by providing highly specialised services and professional solutions for our clients.



To be an  international reference company in the solar energy sector and particularly within the field of CPV by creating innovative solutions and products.


Corporate Values


Innovation is our clearest hallmark and main driver of our business, allowing us to fulfil our objectives by providing new solutions to our clients’ needs and demands.


Client Satisfaction

We work closely with all our clients to obtain all the required information by listening and investing quality time to ensure we provided the best solution according to their needs and we strive to have a successful partnership with all clients.


Vocation towards Service

As we have a partnership relationship with all clients we centre our attention on providing a prompt and efficient service to our partners. This ensures we respond to their needs and strive towards professional excellence in our professional activities.