Solar Added Value organization divisions are as follows:


One of the fundamental premises of SAV is the generation of value by offering new products and services in applied engineering.

By means of our collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, we provide tailor made engineering solutions for our clients.


The creation of value and technological innovation has made us a company with broad experience in the development of R+D projects, both on our own and in collaboration with other companies, universities and technological centres.

This capacity for innovation makes SAV the ideal technological partner for the development of new projects.


The SAV team works to ensure that all clients’ expectations and needs are met.

Our first class professionalism and capacity to work on an international stage have led us to forge solid commercial links with our clients in Spain, France, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the USA with high satisfaction.


Solar Added Value S.L firmly believes in the added value its products can provide, and therefore does not invest on speculative markets.

SAV has both local and international bank references, which guarantee its business capacity and its solvency.

After Sales Support:

Once our equipment has been installed, we ensure that clients receive sufficient support regarding use, maintenance and maximum yield of all equipment provided.

Thus the guarantee of our quality commitment ensures the solving of any incidents wherever and whenever required. The technical and mobile capacity of our professional team ensures a rapid response to any problem.

Training and Development:

The training and capability of our professional team is one of the pillars which form the basis of our company. So, we ensure all SAV staff continuously learning courses in new technologies, international congresses and other training programs.